About Us

Founded and operated by Bryanna who now resides in the rainy state of WA continues to create her culturally inspired homemade crafts. Beeyourself has a plethora of Caribbean infused recipes for soaps, candles, teas, body oils, and other natural organic products. This incredibly inclusive and culturally immersive experience provided by Bryanna dates back to EST. in 2010, but these recipes have been blessed with divine femininity throughout their travels from the hands of Bryanna's family matriarch in 1904. It was at this time her great-grandmother took upon the title of "Home-maker" to be able to provide for her family. Now, flash forward to a century later; Bryanna has continued to preserve the nectar of knowledge and culture through these Caribbean infused products that tell a story with each usage. Each time you support BeeYourself you are supporting a legacy of memories, culture, and so much more all packaged up for you with genuinely thought out prices and the community in mind. 

-(Emotion isn't weakness 2020)